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Premium Smile


As market leaders in the aesthetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation, we offer high quality dental treatment, along with a certified specialist team, modern equipment and high quality materials, we provide innovative dental solutions in a record time.

First top quality composite veneers, 8 - 10 years useful lifespan, no shave down required, it’s a painless procedure in one appointment to get a great result.

This is the perfect time for a premium smile to make your teeth whiter and straight in 5 hours only.


  1. 1. Deep cleaning to take off any contaminating agent using the top technology.
  2. 2. If necessary, we'll do a painless. gum trimming.
  3. 3. Choosing the shades (Natural white- Hollywood white - Extra White).
  4. 4. You Chose the form.
  5. 5. You chose the size.
  6. 6. Composite bonding with the desired size, form and shade.
  7. 7. Done! You get a Premium Smile.